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what are the quality problems in building a ship?

Posted: 2/18/2013 8:38:31 PM


In building a ship, what quality problems may be found as the work progresses from parts to assemblies to units and finally construction?

how can control charts be used to minimise the quality problems which are encountered?


if you're building a ship like titanic, just the designing process will take months. if you're doing this alone, it'll take years. first you need to know the size you want - the volume of the ship. the materials are going to be extremely hard to get since titanic was made of mostly steel, about 50000 tons of it (you may also want to include a couple tons of fuel for the engine). after knowing the final weight (including the crews/passengers), volume, you can calculate its buoyancy. from that, you'd know its maximum weight capacity and how much weight each passenger can carry with them on to the ship. you can also eliminate the weight limit for baggage by increase buoyancy - increasing the volume of the body of your ship , at the same time, decreasing its weight (replace steel with material of lesser density). knowing the weight of your ship, you want to know how fast you want it to sail. the most important thing here is the number of engines your titanic is going to need (depending on the mass/size of ship), the number of propellers, and size of the blades (i'd hire some mechanical engineer if i were you). and if you hire a handful of design engineers, they will take care of all the small details regarding interior/exterior appearance. hiring a couple architects/structural engineers will also help design every room and interior frames of the ship. you may also need to hire electrical engineers to do the wiring throughout the ship for lights, telecommunication, etc. overall, i'd say your ship will cost you about 500 million dollars. good luck with your ship.
PS: in this case, you'd probably need multiple different control charts for many different parts of your ship. you may have hundreds of them overall. mainly on the balance, speed, quality of engines, overall strength (how the structure reacts to different temperature/pressure while in the ocean), etc. the ship will need a lot of testing before it can be used since it is responsible for thousands of people.

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